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About Zodiac Sign Aries

Aries – a Fire and Cardinal sign. Approx 20 March – 20 April

  • Ruling Planet: Mars
  • Day of the Week: Tuesday
  • Colour: Red
  • Gemstone: Diamon

Bold, courageous, independent, enthusiastic, fun-loving and fascinating Aries. Your ruling planet is Mars, your best day of the week is Tuesday and red is your colour. Uranus has been moving through your sign for some years, finally moving into Taurus in 2019. Until then others will surely be magnetised by your presence and captivated by your antics.

Read about your Life Quest, Relationships and useful notes below…


Aries is one of the Fire signs of the zodiac. People born under a Fire sign tend to be enthusiastic but, like fire itself, have enthusiasm levels that range from dying embers to forest fires. Inconsistent energy patterns are common features. Those born under Aries move from boredom or indifference to hyperactive enthusiasm. They have little interest in routine and become bored if there is not sufficient to interest and inspire them.

Aries is also a member of a group of signs known as the Cardinals. Cardinal people often take the initiative. They enjoy starting up projects. Many have leadership qualities. Aries people tend to be impatient and competitive. They enjoy being first and have a strongly independent streak. Of course to be independent, they have to have someone to be independent from. So Aries people are usually quick to form relationships. They are warm-hearted – as you would expect from fire sign – and make friends easily with people from all walks of life. Their passion, sense of fun and enjoyment of life make them excellent companions.


Aries people are ruled by the planet Mars – sometimes known as the Red Planet. Mars is associated with assertiveness and strong will. Aries people are rather like Tarzan – they have courage and daring and enjoy physical activities. They may even be noted for their bravery and physical prowess. Some have highly developed muscle-tone that alerts the world to their strong physique. Still others show their bravery verbally. Aries people are generally unafraid to speak their mind. Some are quick-tempered and hot headed : the Aries person does have to be sure that they have all the necessary facts at their disposal before jumping to conclusions!


As with each of the fire signs, Aries people respond well to those born under the air signs. Fire and Air work well together. Deep bonds of friendship between Aries people and those born under the signs of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius can exist. They relate easily to the other Fire signs too : Leo and Sagittarius. In business they can work exceptionally well with those born under another of the Cardinal signs, Cancer.

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