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Let’s start with the premise that though someone might be perfect for you today, they might not be in either a day, a week, a year or a decade’s time. We all change. Let’s consider too that there might be more than one person who is a soul mate. Fact is that we each bring out different qualities in one another.

All that said, the zodiac does indeed give useful pointers as to ‘who suits who’.

Think of each sign as being a plane. They are each on different flight paths. It can work well if two people share the same sign: they’re headed to the same destination after all.

If two people share the same sign quality ie. two Air signs, two Earth, two Fire or two Water signs, that can work too.

It’s perhaps more of a struggle if both are cardinal signs (they both want to take charge), or Fixed signs (they are each stubborn and that can make for difficulties) or maybe both Mutable signs (in which case perhaps nothing is ever decided or acted upon).

Yet you probably know of exceptions to these rules. It IS all very complicated!

What does seem to work is when a Fire sign gets together with an Air sign (Air loves playing with Fire and Fire loves being teased) or when Earth and Water mix: making beautiful clay together.

To truly assess compatibility though it is necessary to have full data (time, date and year of birth). The positions of the Moon, Venus and Mars and how they connect with the other person makes a real difference.

The key to long-standing partnership though is Saturn’s position in both charts. Saturn isn’t the only planet with rings but is arguably the one most associated with boundaries. These are symbolic of commitment. Saturn too is the planet of old age and of durability. Good Saturn connections then can keep a relationship going through the tough times.

It helps to know which signs of the zodiac are looking for long-term commitment at any time. Again, the focus is on Saturn. It takes this planet nearly three decades to orbit the Sun and so spends roughly a couple of years to 30 months in each sign.

As it transits a sign those born under that Sun sign tend to give thought to the long-term, the boundaries under which they want to operate and yes, who they want to be bound to or even responsible for.

As of December 20th 2017 and through to December 21st 2020, Saturn is passing through Capricorn – one of the Cardinal signs. It’s these individuals who are likely to be giving greatest thought to commitment and whether or not any relationship they are already in, is satisfactory.

Those born under the opposite sign of Cancer will also give longevity of union careful thought. As there is an opposition involved, the effort required to maintain a union will be of concern to them – and yes, some partnerships might no longer meet their needs.

At right angles (square) to these signs are Aries and Libra. Those born under these signs will also be aware of the effort required to maintain or commit to partnership with Aries giving thought to how they balance work with emotional life and Libra, how best to assist a partner cope with the needs of their relatives.

All this should be viewed as ‘First Aid Astrology’ – a quick review that carries a hint of truth. There is no substitute for a full astro-reading.