Solar Cycle

Solar Activity and you

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Whilst it is fascinating to know which ‘Sun’ sign you were born under, it is even more interesting to know what the Sun was actually doing on the day you were born – and what it’s doing today.

The Sun’s output varies: sometimes it’s apparently more busy than at other times.

A standard measurement is to consider how many sunspots were visible at your birth. You need to be a little careful here: imagine counting the number of freckles on a face: where does one begin and one end?

NASA uses one system and in Belgium, there is another. Once you’ve decided which system to use, you should stick with that.

You might be surprised (regardless of which system you use) just how much the numbers vary: sometimes there are hardly any, and at other times in excess of 200.

There is a rhythm to these – a cycle averaging 11.2 Earth years.

If you were born at a low number day, it may be that you operate ‘better’ on similar days. If, on the other hand, you are like some of the more famous generals and leaders, you may have been born on a busy day and so operate better when the numbers are high.

What’s especially interesting is that each sunspot cycle differs from the last. It is entirely possible that the distribution or placement of the planets around the Sun makes a difference.

It is expected that minima (fewest sunspots of this cycle) will be reached in 2019. That coincides with a rare planetary alignment that will put many planets all at one side of the Sun.

The effect could be extreme bringing with it great fluctuations in terrestrial weather.

We shouldn’t underestimate the effect that this could have on each of us. 2019 and 2020 could yet prove years of extreme behaviour. is an excellent site to learn more about solar activity. begin with the condition of the Sun at your birth and at subsequent key dates in your life. Perhaps there is correspondence.

In the next article (solar articles will be published each month), we will look at solar flux and a 27 day cycle.