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Star Horoscopes

Star-Horoscopes is part of the Cityscopes London Ltd group which operates and was launched in September 1998 and has been providing daily, weekly, weekend and monthly horoscopes since that time. The horoscopes are all written by experienced astrologers paid for through advertising. offers a monthly newsletter focusing on the correlation between planetary positions and developments in social, political and economic trends. provides regular star sign horoscopes as well as a selection of articles and an events guide.

Christeen Skinner 

Christeen Skinner is author of several books: Money Signs (1998), The Financial Universe (2004 and updated in 2009), Exploring the Financial Universe (2016) and The Beginners Guide to the Financial Universe (2017).

Christeen lectures widely, taught for the Faculty of Astrological Studies for a decade, has spoken at three United Astrology Congresses in the USA, at NCGR, ISAR and AA events as well as appearing on various radio and TV shows across the world.

For the last seven years she has contributed to the LLewellyn Moon Annual Moon sign book with a chapter of economic forecasts.

She is also a Director of the Alexandria I-base project which seeks to preserve and make widely available astrological books that might otherwise be lost.

The Beginners Guide to the Financial Universe: An Introduction to the role of the Sun, Moon and Planets in Financial Markets

Christeen’s latest book was published 23rd March 2017

Written in response to the demand from clients and astrology students, this book provides an introduction to the financial universe, illustrating the role of the Sun, Moon, planets, and major planet cycles in market movements.

Christeen takes a step-by-step approach to understanding how the events in the solar system affect market movements. Starting with the sunspot cycle and moving on to seasonality charts and lunar trading, she presents information in an easy-to-read style.

Chapters include the following:

  1. The Sunspot Cycle and the Markets
  2. Seasonality Charts and Key Dates
  3. Trading with Mercury and Venus
  4. The Role of Mars in Commodity Trading
  5. The Jupiter-Saturn 20-Year Business Cycle
  6. Charts of Key Markets and Indices