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We update daily, weekly and monthly. Two sets of weekly scopes provide thoughts on career and relationships for the week ahead. The monthly scopes look at finances for the month ahead. Articles are added regularly. You will also find information about upcoming events and conferences.  Please browse through our website and enjoy!

In The News

The Full Moon Financial Universe Newsletter

Happy Full Moon - August 15th GLOBAL CRISIS The July 2nd solar eclipse highlighted the…
In The News

Crazy Bull on the horizon: Uranus in Taurus from March 6th 2019

MAD BULL ON THE  HORIZON? On March 6th Uranus enters Taurus. Yes, it ventured into…
Solar Cycle

Solar Activity and you

Whilst it is fascinating to know which 'Sun' sign you were born under, it is…
2020: Echoing the 13th century
Solar Cycle
The Sun retrograde